About me
Hi, I'm Carlos Pesciarelli,
but everybody knows me as Pilo.
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I am an illustrator with 10 years of experience in the video game industry.
I started my career as illustrator in the year 2000. I have vast experience in 2D digital design, animation and art direction.
My strength is the ability to draw in a great variety of styles.


I participated in the 1st Encounter of Illustration of Argentina.


I graduated as illustrator at the School of Visual Arts Martín Malharro, Argentina.


I started working at the advertising agency Ferrari Chiappa in Argentina.


I participated in an Argentinian Art Exhibition located in Lugano, Switzerland.


I co-funded the graphic studio Caperuza along with Christián de Elorriaga.


I won the 2nd prize at the 5th Argentinian Festival of Videoclip with the videoclip “Sin dormir” – music composed by the electronic duo “SHH”. The jury was formed by Marta Zatonyi, Andy Fogwill, Agustín Alberdi, Leandro Aput and Mariano del Aguila.


I won the 1st prize to the best videoclip at the 4th FESAALP (Festival de Cine Latinoamericano de La Plata, Argentina) with the videoclip “Sin dormir” – music composed by the electronic duo “SHH”.


I co-founded the videogame and outsourcing studio ɯopidom along with Rodrigo Laiz in Paris, France.


I started working as a freelancer, making illustration commissions and animations.

My services

Videogame Industry
Editorial Art
Toy Industry
NFTs and Web3

Let’s work together
to build something great.

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